Staying on top of drug safety.

Drug safety and pharmacovigilance professionals are increasingly challenged, having to do more with less. The key to your success is implementing automation, adopting advanced technologies, and leveraging insights from analytics that improve compliance and product safety. IQVIA provides flexible, innovative, scalable solutions to meet your unique business requirements.
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Latest Insights on Safety and Pharmacovigilance

>18% increase

In average annual case processing volume since 2008
"Adverse Events Reporting System Public Dashboard", FDA, June 2019

Boost efficiency with comprehensive, flexible solutions

Meeting your compliance objectives in a world of constant change and financial challenges means doing things differently. It requires automating, adopting advanced technologies, and leveraging outsourcing.

Our innovative pharmacovigilance (PV) solutions are powered by the IQVIA CORE -- integrated, scalable technologies combined with global data, advanced analytics, and deep domain expertise. Helping you predictably and cost-effectively achieve your safety and surveillance goals.

IQVIA is leading the charge in leveraging technology, AI, and life sciences expertise to provide a step-change in operations that allows our customers to focus on the critical task of improving patient safety.


Built on transformative safety and PV technology

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are transforming today’s resource-intensive pharmacovigilance workloads, ensuring a more informed, more efficient approach.

  • Stay up to date with diverse regulations across global markets
  • Identify adverse events (AEs) and device complaints in structured and unstructured data across multiple sources
  • Manage case processing volumes
  • Easily handle high volumes and costs of multiple languages
female viewing bar graph tablet in office
female viewing bar graph tablet in office

Move local compliance from your team to ours

IQVIA's safety group also offers functional, operational and technical expertise in each geography, executed by integrated local teams that meet a range of time zone and language requirements. We handle hosting and safety management services via 16 validated, state of the art SSAE data centers designed with security, flexibility, scalability and vendor neutrality in mind.

Our pharmacovigilance business is one of the largest groups of PV experts worldwide, with a combination of deep life sciences expertise and best-in-class technologies. So you can expand your pharmacovigilance and safety capabilities with confidence - and without additional capital investment.

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