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Generate and disseminate the right real world evidence (RWE) to meet stakeholder needs with confidence.

Real World Evidence
Real World Evidence

Demonstrate value. Inform complex healthcare decisions.

The healthcare environment today is more specialized, more competitive, and more cost sensitive than ever before. Teams across the lifecycle need the right evidence to demonstrate the value of products and inform complex healthcare decisions.

There is growing acceptance of RWE use from regulators, payers, prescribers, and patients - creating a new world of possibilities.

IQVIA helps our customers generate the right RWE to meet stakeholder needs with confidence and get real results.
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Unmatched domain knowledge across therapeutic areas

IQVIA Real World Solutions’ healthcare domain knowledge spans therapeutic areas and the entire product lifecycle. IQVIA has been rated by ISR (May 2020) as the overall preferred provider for by pharmaceutical, biopharma, and medical device leaders for the 9th year in a row. IQVIA Real World Solutions enables life science companies to demonstrate the value of their products.

Scientific rigor and operational excellence

IQVIA Real World Solutions has dedicated real world evidence operations and scientific teams trained for traditional and innovative real world study designs to find the right approach for a customer’s research question. Robust study oversight procedures and quality management standards are fully integrated into our operational processes, providing support for - trials, label expansion, market penetration, regulatory approvals and outcomes research to address changing market conditions and specific customer needs.

Global and local Regulatory and payer expertise

IQVIA Real World Solutions’ regulatory and payer expertise spans across therapeutic areas on global, regional, and local levels. This supports our customers to generate the real world evidence they need to meet challenges specific to regulatory jurisdictions with ease, and to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of their products with confidence.

Access to unparalleled data assets

IQVIA Real World Solutions leverages unparalleled data assets, unlocking their value to meet specific customer needs. With over a million data feeds, representing over 800 million non-identified patient records. Only IQVIA has this level of data access and in-depth healthcare knowledge.

Best-in-class technology-enabled analytics

IQVIA Real World Solutions leverages cutting-edge technology and analytics including AI and Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, SaaS software and data anonymization tools to enable innovative and efficient evidence solutions.

Innovation at scale

IQVIA Real World Solutions has the flexibility and infrastructure to scale globally and execute flawlessly to meet customer needs across the product lifecycle. No matter what the challenge, IQVIA delivers the evidence customers need with innovative and proven solutions, like External Comparators, Extensions Studies, Enriched Study Methods, Pragmatic trials, Direct-to-patient studies.

A proven partner with trusted expertise

IQVIA Real World Solutions is the proven partner life science companies trust to take on their complex evidence challenges. We enable our customers to generate and disseminate real world evidence to answer crucial questions and meet the needs of their stakeholders.

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IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

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