Harness the power of Real World Data

Finding the right information for your study is critical but can be overwhelming and tedious. IQVIA makes it easier by bringing a combination of unparalleled clinically-rich data, advanced analytics and human knowledge throughout the clinical development pathway. Studies can start sooner. Drugs can get to market faster. Safety can be firmly established. All while privacy is protected.

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 The Human Data Science Company
 The Human Data Science Company

Real World Data-on-Demand

Real World Data-on-Demand is a new flexible offering providing easy, fast and cost-efficient access to the World’s Largest Global Real World Data Portfolio.

Try before you buy with the ability to quickly assess data appropriateness to ensure it answers your questions, before purchasing.

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Clinical Trial Optimization

Identify best sites and most appropriate patients. Support protocol design.

  • Protocol Design & Feasibility
  • On-going protocol adjustment
  • Leverage RWD for study comparative arm
  • Optimize country Allocation
  • Site & patient selection
Epidemiology Assessment

Monitoring of pathology evolution and therapeutic strategies 

  • Understand the disease
  • Characterize patient populations & identify subgroups of interest
  • Natural history of the disease/treatment pathway
  • Determine the standard of care
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Identify suitable local comparators
  • Patient flow analysis/patient journey
  • Adherence studies
  • Off-label use
Drug Safety and Risk Management

Segment, analyze and assess the safety and risk/benefit of therapeutic interventions in a real-world setting

  • Signal Detection / assessment
  • Safety Surveillance
  • Risk Assessment
  • PASS (Post Authorization Safety Study)
  • DUS (Drug Utilization Study)
HEOR Market Access

Demonstrate the value of medicine through evidence-based health economic evaluation and real-world outcomes for optimal pricing, reimbursement and coverage potential

  • Cost of Illness/HCRU (Health Care Resource Utilization)
  • Burden of Disease
  • Budget Impact
  • Outcomes studies
  • Comparative Effectiveness
  • Compliance & Persistence
  • Contract Optimization
Commercial Analytics

Diagnose, plan, forecast and track brand performance. Size and characterize the target market from the disease and treatment pattern perspective 

  • Brand/launch Planning & Strategy 
  • Market sizing Forecasting
  • Brand Diagnostics
  • Brand Performance tracking/Source of business
  • Split by indication
  • Contract Compliance

RWD can be leveraged to generate insights throughout the product lifecycle

Real World Data can be used for many different objectives across the drug development lifecycle from development to after commercialisation. This data may be of relevance to optimize clinical trials via more efficient site and patients identification, to understand the disease landscape, to enrich context for market access, to follow-up long term safety and drug utilization patterns, and support commercial analytics.

One data source may not fully answer a question, therefore a combination or enrichment of data assets may need to be envisaged.

Automate data transformation to rapidly extract actionable insights from complex data

Most Real World Data is generated for administrative purposes, thus in order to make it fit for analytical research, its critical to ingest, standardize and link the disparate data sets to create insightful, analytical output. The challenge is that currently data and analytics teams spend 80% of their time preparing data and only 20% using it.

IQVIA’s purpose-built infrastructure for RWD, part of the Human Data Science Cloud, lever dedicated applications with embedded intelligence automate processes to improve the quality, consistency and compliance of your data. Empowering you to concentrate on interpreting insights, making better decisions and delivering more value.
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