Move beyond integration to orchestration

Ease the burden on your sites and make it easier and more appealing for patients to enroll and remain engaged.

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IQVIA Technologies: Orchestrated Clinical Trials Overview
clinical trial challenges
clinical trial challenges

Meet clinical trial challenges head on

Conducting clinical trials even in the best of times is challenging. Missing target enrollments, trial delays, endpoints doubling, and needing to manage data collected from both structured and unstructured sources are not the exception, but the norm for most studies.

Patients struggle, too, as the burden placed on them— lengthy travel to sites, adapting to virtual or hybrid formats, waiting for HCP appointments, mobility issues, and lack of clear feedback—leads to significant dropout rates.

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Digitally transform your clinical research with harmonized technologies

With the significant disruption in clinical trials in 2020 and the new normal that has been established, life science companies are looking for novel ways to digitally transform their clinical trials to improve speed, agility, and patient engagement.

Most Orchestrated Clinical Trials applications are SaaS-based and built on the Salesforce Health Cloud®. OCT eases the burden on your sites and makes it easier and more appealing for patients to remain engaged, produces faster trials to database lock, and speeds time to market. It’s the Intelligent, Intuitive, and Interoperable patient-centric platform to run smarter, faster trials.

Digitally transform your clinical research
Digitally transform your clinical research
  • Easily accessible information throughout their clinical trial journey
  • Empowers patients by informing and engaging them before, during and after the trial
  • Improved processes and workflows to streamline every trial
  • Reduced burden, allowing them to manage patient engagement and retention tasks more effectively
  • Creates more innovative, precise and faster clinical development studies
  • Easily orchestrates interactions with sites and patients
  • Effectively gathers study data to support new drug approvals
  • Facilitates long-term direct-to-patient engagement

Orchestrate better outcomes for sites, sponsors and patients

OCT transforms clinical research and improves patient safety with SaaS-based applications designed to better orchestrate processes, workflows and communication among sponsors, sites and patients.

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