When there's one chance to get it right.

There's no time to guess, and no room for error. A successful launch starts with an informed strategy that reaches for the latest in data, technology, analytics and market expertise to ensure decisions are swift and right. From the beginning. 
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Replace guesswork with data-driven insights

Mounting competition and diminishing differentiation are pushing brand managers outside of their comfort zones. More than ever, launch strategies need to embrace new ideas, new techniques and new insights to hit the ground running.

IQVIA helps customer rise to the challenge, using the latest in machine learning to mine mountains of data and uncover game-changing insights about markets, channels and customers. The result is a more confident, more empowered, launch strategy.

Our team is ready to help with

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Launch planning
  • Tracking and management
  • Brand strategy and development
  • Global pricing and market access strategy
  • Disease awareness, medical advocacy strategy and communications
  • Customer engagement modeling and implementation

New tools, new results

Evolving preferences and tightening launch budgets now make digital, multi-channel approaches more desirable, more effective, and more practical. From better, more customized interactions between life sciences companies and providers, to faster insights into the effectiveness of promotional spend, the benefits of digital strategies are increasingly clear. 
Successful launches show a higher average digital share in the first year
Successful launches show a higher average digital share in the first year

Expertise makes the difference

To make the right decisions for your brand, today and down the road, understanding the disease is only part of the equation. In each therapeutic category you need to know what's different about the market, the regulations, the patient journey. You need to know the questions to ask, and what trends are making an impact.

With a legacy of support for over 5,000 product launches in over 120 therapeutic areas and 100 countries, IQVIA brings deep knowledge of underlying disease mechanisms, clinical manifestations, progress, biomarkers, and other factors needed to help you differentiate your drug more effectively right from the start.

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