Overcome the unpredictability of infectious diseases.

Successfully navigating the infectious diseases environment requires the appropriate balance of agility and proven methodology with tailored solutions at each step.
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The experience and agility you need to succeed

A host of new and re-emerging pathogens. An increasingly diverse and dynamic research environment. The study of infectious disease and vaccines is as complex as the populations and environments they impact.

To be competitive, and to navigate this environment with the appropriate balance of agility and proven methodology, tailored solutions at every stage of development are critical.

At IQVIA, we have specialized teams of research professionals and board-certified physicians that are trained in customized solutions for companies of every size and at every stage, as well as for government and nonprofit organizations working to advance broader public health goals.

Expert support for your toughest challenges

  • Fast-paced vaccine and seasonal research from first-in-human trials through late-phase
  • Medical management of complex, global, regional and seasonal clinical trials
  • Disease area expertise in neglected and tropical diseases, HIV, malaria, tuberculosis and emerging pathogens such as Ebola virus and Lassa virus
  • Regulatory support specific to infectious diseases including biologics, GMO and cell and gene therapies
  • Collaborations with Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and government funded trials
  • Experience in adaptive designs and new site technologies
IQVIA™ CORE, a seamless, dynamic, and constant integration of IQVIA's capabilities that powers solutions and ideas.
IQVIA™ CORE, a seamless, dynamic, and constant integration of IQVIA's capabilities that powers solutions and ideas.

The power to protect global health with the IQVIA CORE™

There’s no room for uncertainty in development of treatments for infectious diseases. Protecting global health requires strategies that are informed by data-driven insights, and plans confidently executed by experienced teams and networks of skilled resources. By integrating unparalleled data, advanced analytics and fit-for-purpose machine learning, IQVIA provides innovative approaches to help you manage risk and find the right path to success.

From research through commercialization, it's all powered by the IQVIA CORE, a holistic approach that integrates our resources to address the challenges of infectious diseases.

Solutions you may be interested in
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Cell & Gene Therapy Center

Access new resources for advanced therapy development, from candidate identification through market authorization.

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