Help providers make decisions with your brand in mind.

Targeting stakeholders with the right message at the right time dramatically improves engagement. IQVIA helps you ensure healthcare providers are getting the information they need to see where your product can improve outcomes.
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female medical professionals reviewing information on laptop
female medical professionals reviewing information on laptop

Building trust through insight-driven engagement

Advances in human science are making treatments more effective, but more complex. So providers need more support than ever to ensure they know what products to think about, and how to deliver the best, most efficient, care to their patients. But new data and new channels are creating exhaustion. Crowding out insights with information overload.

At IQVIA, our understanding of human science, disease progression and patient journeys is getting more precise. And our insight into provider preference and actions is clearer than ever. So we can deliver the tools, technologies and analytics you need to rise to the challenge, delivering the right insights at the right time.

Engaging with HCPs digitally is an integral part of the success of a brand. In fact, the most successful launches in the world's top 7 countries had a digital share of promotion that was 64% higher than all others.

ChannelDynamics Q3 2017; MIDAS Q3 2017.
man talking to his colleague
man talking to his colleague

Improving decisions with analytics

IQVIA can help transform your approach to healthcare providers, and create more coordinated, precise targeting; more effective message frequency; and more strategic channel selection.

  • Integrate market data with sales data to find the right physicians faster, and avoid lost communications
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to predict intention to treat or disease progression so that physicians get information on new treatments exactly when they need it
  • Deploy IQVIA's therapeutic experts to ensure your sales mix and resources are fit-for-purpose to help providers improve patient care
  • Find the right digital channel for your market to maximize engagement and impact, consistently.
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Medical Education

IQVIA can help you hire and deploy credentialed and experienced nurses who can support your brand by helping providers and patients manage chronic conditions.

Medical Affairs

Connect with KOLs, accelerate payer acceptance, provider awareness and market access with evidence, expert opinions and analytics that demonstrate value.

Contract Sales

Deploy the right resources where and when needed, and help sales teams effectively engage with busy healthcare professionals.


Measure the performance of your sales force and marketing channels, adapt your commercial strategy and gain real world competitive insights.

Case study - a sharper focus on providers in the US

The challenge: A sales team needed to message and detail high value HCPs every 8 weeks. But these were new territories, and one size wouldn't fit all.

IQVIA support: IQVIA built a team of 11 hybrid representatives who spent 2 days a week on face-to-face contacts and 3 days on virtual support, with 2 additional virtual-only representatives.

The result: The brand became the "Number One Recommended" product in its category (as assessed by brand recall). Sales increased in a majority of geographies from program start, and the customer has extended the program for a second year.

Manage change efficiently

Greater demands from providers place greater demands on your internal sales teams. The right analytics can help you understand how to bring team performance up, before hidden costs add up. They can also reveal opportunities, which IQVIA’s experts can then help you address, without the need to staff up. All within the framework of your own teams and systems, from compliance to change management.

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