Accelerate time to insight

  • Automate processes to systematically improve data quality, consistency and compliance.
  • Transform disparate, heterogeneous sources into insight-rich, value-driving data.
  • Increase your productivity and spend more time making decisions and delivering insights powered by the right information.
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Healthcare data transformation challenges

Most healthcare data, particularly longitudinal EMR and unstructured data, is highly complex and was not collected for the purpose of research. In order to create insightful analytical output, it must first be transformed.

Key Challenges:
  • Multiple heterogenous data sources and formats
  • Large volumes of unstructured data
  • Inconsistent and large number of variables, definitions and reference ontologies
  • Complex high dimensional data
  • Changing regulatory requirements
  • Wasting time and money working on manual and repetitive data transformation tasks that deliver little to no impact

IQVIA’s Healthcare Data Transformation Platform

Where cutting edge technology meets industry leading healthcare expertise

With IQVIA’s comprehensive data solutions and expertise you can structure, normalize, de-identify and transform your disparate data sources into analytics-ready output. Empowering your teams to concentrate on analysis, gain novel insights and deliver business value to improve drug development, population-level analysis, healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Our Comprehensive Data Transformation Capabilities

Protect your reputation and the privacy of the people who trust you with their data.
Get auditable proof your organization has taken the right steps to protect privacy.
Evolve from using data to create operational efficiencies to safely leveraging sensitive health data to gain a competitive edge.
Be a trusted source of safe, useful data that helps strategic partners drive greater advances in patient health.

Data Privacy

Are you looking to leverage the increasing value of sensitive data assets without running afoul of statutory regulations or the trust of key stakeholder?

With IQVIA, you can safely de-identify and anonymize healthcare data to the highest standard, while preserving its utility. Get a statistical, evidence-based approach to data privacy protection and turn your most sensitive health information into a powerful asset.

Extract and normalize new information from a wide range of unstructured data fields and documents to combine with structured data to get the complete picture
Feed your normalized data into insight applications to deliver analytics-ready data to optimize decision making, spark innovation and deepen understanding of domain-specific landscapes
Integrate heterogenous, disparate data from segregated repositories with federated NLP.
Scalable to millions of documents processed per hour

Natural Language Processing​

Are you finding it challenging to extract insights from huge amounts of disparate unstructured and semi-structured data?

The IQVIA Natural Language Processing (NLP) platform offers an exceptional combination of flexibility, scalability and data transformation power. Effectively address the challenges of analyzing textual data to support your organizational goals.

Transparent end-to-end, visual conversions. You can build mappings interactively on screen, run incremental conversions and monitor them live.
Same source data, same results, every time. You create the mapping, the software runs it; no more custom scripts.
Flexible mappings with or without writing SQL. Re-use mappings for data refreshes and different OMOP CDM versions.
Fewer people, faster conversions. Guard-rails in the workflow mean fewer errors and fewer technical people involved in conversion projects.

Automated OMOP conversions for analysis-ready data​

Standardized data ensures you can run standard analytics. OMOP is a CDM that standardizes longitudinal patient data for observational research. But traditional OMOP data conversions rely on one-off scripts, are highly technical, slow and expensive.

Picture a world where instead you can automate the OMOP conversion process to get analysis-ready data, maximizing value from your data assets.

Enterprise Analytics

Easily identify patterns with intuitive visualisations, apply complex business rules to gain fast insights, e.g., detect patients with rare diseases, link co-morbidities and visualise with stunning graphics

Curated, Longitudinal Patient Data

Quality checked and standardized data allows you to create cohorts on EMR with up to 30 years history across countries, e.g. to detect patients with rare diseases or analyse the effects of pandemics

Integrate European Data Sets

Benefit from our regional specific knowledge, i.e. national regulations, covering multiple languages to deliver fully integrated and normalized data sets, ready for your analytical needs

Ambulatory and Hospital EMR

EMR curation onboards data sets across Europe. Covering the complexity within EHR data, from ambulatory EMR delivered by general practitioners to oncology EMR provided by hospitals

EMR Data Curation

Many EMR data sources are siloed and decentralized, which makes it very challenging to gain valuable insights across different data sources and countries.

The IQVIA EMR curation process manages & curates highly complex, longitudinal, clinically rich EHR data sets to help you deliver faster insights on multiple disparate data sources, spanning different countries, languages and compliance requirements.

IQVIA’s Data Transformation Technology powers pharma to maintain privacy whilst maximizing data utility
Learn how a leading Pharma company used IQVIA’s data transformation capabilities to digitalise their library of current and legacy clinical trial protocols. Getting access to these critical data assets enable better clinical trial design, decreases the risk of protocol amendments (and hence cost of trials), and provides a data substrate for advanced analytics and predictive models.
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