Unlock the power of genomic research.

IQVIA enables genomic research via global access to a network of genomic-clinical data, proprietary technologies that enable federated analytics, and therapeutic area & bioinformatics expertise to help you answer your most pressing research questions.
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Data to power your research

Finding the linked genomic and clinical data you need for mission-critical research is challenging. IQVIA provides access to existing genomic-clinical data from our global network of data partners for a specific research project or via enterprise license.

In addition to existing databases, IQVIA enables primary data collection through collaborations with biobanks, enrichment of genomic data with de-identified clinical data, and through deployment of customized registries. IQVIA and our affiliated EA Genomics laboratory offer complete solutions including customized genomic sequencing, variant calling, biomarker development and transcriptomics.

Technology to drive insights

IQVIA’s E360™ Genomics  platform enables rapid, flexible cohort development using combined genomic and clinical criteria plus powerful analytic tools to drive insights across a federated network.

Importantly, the E360 Genomics platform sets a new industry standard for genomic patient privacy using a first-of-its-kind, patented genomic data anonymization technology. Further data privacy technology and services are available through IQVIA’s industry-leading affiliate, Privacy Analytics.

Advancing genomic research will accelerate the discovery of precision therapies, improve access and health outcomes, and deliver on the potential of Human Data Science.
Rob Kotchie, president, Real World Solutions at IQVIA

Research expertise to deliver results

The value of genomic research is broad, and skillsets required to effect it are varied and scarce.  IQVIA’s bioinformaticists, medical experts, health economists, outcomes researchers and epidemiologists are here to support your research team or conduct research studies on your behalf.

Combining advanced analytics with unparalleled data, IQVIA gives clients scalable, authoritative approaches for using real world evidence to address critical research questions.

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