Orchestrate precision clinical trial design

Accurately predict study timeline, budget, and performance.

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Meet clinical trial challenges head on

The first phase of clinical trial orchestration is critical to the success of any study. However, sponsors and CROs often encounter obstacles that hinder early progress as they try to determine study design, feasibility, timelines and costs. There are complex challenges inherent in effectively engaging sites and investigators, enrolling participants, collecting data, monitoring risks, budgeting for studies across phases, analyzing and reporting results and much more.

OCT Graphic
OCT Graphic

Unparalleled Accuracy + Optimized Performance

  • Predict operational execution
  • Leverage data sources to best evaluate protocol design
  • Model and predict enrollment
  • Reduce design complexity
  • Identify gaps in existing data sources
  • Improve investigator experience
  • Streamline CDA process
  • Optimize site selection
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