Building healthcare and life sciences apps just got easier.

For developers, SDKs and APIs can help streamline application build and maintenance to save time. IQVIA Technologies offers a portfolio of tools purpose-built to simplify integration without sacrificing quality.

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HealthCare Locator SDK

The HealthCare Locator SDK is an open-source SDK designed to make developing health apps easier through pre-integration with one of the world's largest and most accurate sources of healthcare provider data.

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COVID-19 Healthcare App Challenge Winners

In our recent hackathon, we challenged developers to build healthcare apps using the HealthCare Locator SDK to help underserved communities and 8 winners were selected.

See the winning submissions and see which software applications get global bragging rights.

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Using data to customize prescriber interactions for better resonance and commercial success

With increasing constraints on prescribers' time, delivering contextually relevant treatment information has never been more important. Avinob Roy, Vice President and General Manager of Product Offerings at IQVIA, discusses how technology can facilitate easy customization of customer interactions for higher engagement and impact.

Using open source to accelerate patient connections

Open-source technology is allowing developers to collaborate and build on one another’s work on an unprecedented global scale. Brad Miller, Senior Director of Software Engineering, Distributed Systems at IQVIA, describes how it has enabled his team to evaluate billions of events in seconds for efficient patient cohorting without compromising precision.

Streaming analytics and the promise of better health

The demand for faster, better information has never been higher. Given the multivariate nature of healthcare decision making, streaming analytics have immense potential to accelerate the speed at which professionals receive and act on insights. Jim McKeown, SVP of Information Technology at IQVIA, shares examples of use cases for streaming analytics and the impact they could have on the future of healthcare.

Developers and AI: the future of healthcare

Developers, long the unsung heroes along the IT journey, are now taking center stage by leveraging AI to transform health. Pouya Yousefi, Director of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Strategy at IQVIA, discusses how and why explainable AI is shaping how HCPs are making decisions every day.
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