A time for action: fighting COVID-19

COVID-19 has created both immediate and long-term consequences for people and systems around the world. At IQVIA, we want you to have what you need to understand the impact, join the fight, and keep healthcare moving forward. We are here to help.

Staying informed, and empowered

During times of uncertainty and disruption, information and analytics provide a steadying force. A counterbalance to panic. We have mobilized resources and capabilities across our business and around the world to ensure you have what you need to understand our new reality, and make strong, informed decisions.

Leaders from across IQVIA share an updated perspective on the pandemic, thoughts on the road to recovery, and a perspective on how we can build a stronger, more resilient healthcare ecosystem.
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Ongoing Impact Analysis
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COVID-19 digital library
IQVIA experts are sharing their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 for life sciences companies, consumer health, medical technology and more.
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Solutions to Drive Healthcare Forward

As the Human Data Science company, we are committed to helping do what needs to be done to keep things moving healthcare forward. Patients must be treated. Trials must continue. Innovation and discovery must continue – not just to solve our current crisis but also to ensure we are ready to take on what comes next.

Protection and continuity

Rest assured, IQVIA is taking every action possible to protect our employees, customers, patients, and partners. We have prohibited international travel, closed facilities, and given our staff what they need to work remotely.

We are also doing what is necessary to support our advanced infrastructure and give our customers the confidence that our technology, analytics, primary market research and real-world deliveries are delivering without disruption.

A message from IQVIA leadership

Joining the fight

IQVIA is proud to be part of the global effort to proactively fight COVID-19. Together with companies, governments, and healthcare stakeholders around the world, we are driven to helping people, communities, and systems navigate changes, reduce impact, and be hopeful.

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