See markets more clearly and opportunities more often.

IQVIA takes an analytics-infused approach to commercialization, helping life sciences companies take advantage of the latest tools, techniques, and deep healthcare expertise. The result - reinvigorated solutions focused on scalable resources, precision insights, and actionable ideas.

Bring precision engagement to precision medicine

You need to find the right patients, discover the right doctors, and support both of their unique journeys. This type of precision engagement isn’t easy; it means not just answering the questions at hand, but proactively identifying and solving for new ones.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help. By extracting unique insights and making new connections, you can 

  • Find creative openings for differentiation 
  • Build a more precise communication strategy
  • Deliver effective support programs that help patients stay on treatments
  • Create a multichannel strategy that reaches doctors where they are
  • Design launches for specialty treatments that earn payer approval
The Latest from IQVIA Commercial Solutions
Using AI and ML to drive commercial success
businesswoman working on computer
businesswoman working on computer

Rethink your field and virtual deployment strategy

Elevate the deployment of contract resources by combining experience with data, analytics, and technology to improve productivity and effectively drive patient outcomes.

  • Contract Sales
  • Patient Services
  • Access and Reimbursement
  • Clinical and Medical Education
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IQVIA's Advanced Analytics

40+ offerings

Commercial offerings using artificial intelligence and machine learning
Our Customers' Success

$20M increase

in revenue in a 7 month span by a mid-sized pharmaceutical company using customized machine learning.
Results achieved in the US with IQVIA’s Multi-Channel Marketing Optimization solution, 2018
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

31K+ HTA records

helping inform payer decisions
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

27K price records

including treatments at each available pack size and strength across the EU-5 and the US
Commercialization Solutions
Launch Strategy and Management

Discover proven strategies and insights refined over more than 5,000 launches around the world.

Brand Strategy and Management

Be proactive about growing your brand using the latest in data, analytics, and domain expertise.

Pricing and Market Access

Understand how payers, providers, and patients define value, and accelerate market access for new and innovative products.

Healthcare Professional Engagement

Ensure your stakeholders are getting the information they need, when and where they need it, to see where your product can improve outcomes.

Patient Engagement

Effectively engage with patients to help improve adherence, drive better disease understanding, and deliver treatment value.

Promotional Strategy

Maximize the value of your brand with personalized, precise, and efficient communications.

Finding new potential at every stage

At every stage of the brand lifecycle there is untapped potential to accelerate growth and surpass your competition. Know where there is opportunity and what the best action is.

  • In pre-launch, better understand patient segments, disease progression and likely co-morbidities, so that portfolio planning and patient support is proactive, not reactive.
  • At product launch, create more precise segmentation and targeting strategies so your sales teams are set up for success.
  • For mature brands, ensure physicians get the information they need, when they need it - especially for mature brands that face more competition.
  • At loss of exclusivity, identify undiagnosed patients that are candidates for combination therapies.

Building the confidence to innovate

We know you have stakeholders to please and bottom lines to hit, and that innovation can be met with internal skepticism. Everyone wants assurances, and we can help. 

Use cases: Digital Health, using Commercial Analytics powered by AI and machine learning, pricing and market access

Case studies: Learn about specific client challenges and delivered solutions that drove commercial success

Pilot programs: Get hands on and test the viability of our new tools for your commercial project

Example: A client had 4 digital health use cases that had been identified as priorities, but with no working overview of the scientific and technology landscape. Working with IQVIA's Digital Health Consulting team, the customer achieved line-of-site to the entire landscape, refined their priorities, and moved from vision to proof of concept.

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