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Growing your brand requires constant vigilance and agility. Decisions about when to expand, how to reach more patients, how to improve adherence all require the latest in data, analytics and market expertise. IQVIA can help you rise to the challenge.
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Evidence-based strategies

Markets will shift. New competitors will emerge. And opportunities to innovate will arise. The strongest strategies incorporate what you know, and prepare for what you don’t. Define your goals up front. Get specific about how you’ll measure. Create a plan for informed decision making.

IQVIA brings together primary research with secondary data and applies advanced analytics and deep therapeutic expertise to ensure you have the information you need to chart the right course.

  • Evaluate pipeline viability, potential investments, and commercial opportunities and risks 
  • Understand market and competitive dynamics, quantify available market share, map your customer journey, and nimbly respond to new customer needs
  • Identify market access hurdles, including costs, licensing and pricing, regulations and valuations. 
  • Connect with experts in multiple therapeutic areas across clinical and commercial functions 
  • Move with the market, addressing future patient needs, the competitor landscape, product-line expansion and growth potential. 
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

60K patent families

tracked across 130 countries
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

46,000 drug profiles

tracked across 170 countries
IQVIA's Unparalleled Data Assets

10,000 drugs

covered in quarterly analytics and forecasts across 600 diseases and 70+ countries

Stay ahead and confident

Activating your plan isn’t a one-time activity. Brand management requires constant attention, and a real-time market pulse to optimize customer engagement, identify new competitive hurdles, manage risk, and invest with assurance. IQVIA can help effectively manage your brand over time by
  • Forecasting demand and building franchise strategies 
  • Tracking competitive landscape changes across 75+ markets 
  • Delivering timely market insights to help differentiate your brand 
  • Quantifying multi-indication product use, so you know what drives sales and how to target
  • Mitigating risk with smart market compliance technology and domain experts
  • Making informed decisions by linking data, evidence and advanced analytics 
IQVIA™ CORE, a seamless, dynamic, and constant integration of IQVIA's capabilities that powers solutions and ideas.
IQVIA™ CORE, a seamless, dynamic, and constant integration of IQVIA's capabilities that powers solutions and ideas.

The engine behind the insights

Analytics are only as good as the data that drives them. And data is only as helpful as the people who know how to leverage it. Powered by the IQVIA CORE, IQVIA integrates unparalleled data, transformative technology, advanced analytics and domain expertise, and puts it seamlessly within reach. 

  • Multiple data types from the world’s most reliable sources, constantly gathered, updated, and usably integrated. 
  • Domain experts around the world that can support you from sales analytics and forecasting, to competitive intelligence, data cleansing and extraction.   
  • Machine learning that replaces estimates and past results with future-facing, data-based insights. 
Brand Strategy and Management Solutions
Business Intelligence

Go beyond the numbers to analytics-driven insights using artificial intelligence, machine learning and healthcare expertise.

Primary Intelligence

Discover actionable brand insights at the intersection of market research and advanced analytics.

Product Pipeline

Access 470,000 products and nearly 40,000 drug profiles to analyze successful launch strategies and be ready for what’s next.

Patent Intelligence

Track more than 60,000 pharmaceutical patent families across 130 countries to find opportunities and ensure timely business decisions.

Forecasting & Franchise Strategy

Strengthen your portfolio by making more informed decisions and fewer assumptions, and prepare for the impact of new research discoveries and events.

Market Measurement

Get an up to date view of key performance indicators globally, regionally, or locally.

Commercial Compliance Process

Partner with compliance experts to create, implement and manage efficient, end-to-end processes that ensure your organization is compliant with global engagement and transparency regulations and codes.

Related Solutions
Salesforce Optimization

Innovative AI and machine learning methods to manage, measure and support your sales team – from determining the right size and structure to monitoring effectiveness.

Patient Engagement

Effectively engage with patients to help improve adherence, drive better disease understanding, and deliver treatment value.

Healthcare Professional Engagement

Ensure your stakeholders are getting the information they need, when and where they need it, to see where your product can improve outcomes.

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